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Revolving Closet: “One Fashionista’s trash is a Recessionista’s treasure”


With the beginning of spring a few short weeks away, there is no need to buy an entire wardrobe for the season. Style Chile recently offered some sound advice on how to stay fashionably conscious and creative during this global economic crisis. The fashion blog suggests to revisit your closet and create three piles for clothes, shoes and accessories that you will:
1. keep
2. discard
3. donate

“Keep the statement pieces, no matter how atrocious or outlandish the statement; trust me, these are the ones that make good vintage in the future,” Style Chile said. Also keep staple pieces like a basic black dress and tailored white button-down.

“Keep the pieces with possibilities,” the blog said. These include items that can be used (or converted) for multiple purposes, like a pashmina shawl in the fall that can double as a scarf in the winter, or an American Apparel dress for the evening that can be toned down with skinny jeans and boots for a casual look.

Discard items in good condition that you no longer use to stores like The Salvation Army and Goodwill. “Pay it forward and you can get paid,” the blog advised, since many second-hand stores issue cash or a store credit in exchange for your items. One Chicago Salvation Army said business is booming for them.

Donate items that you will no longer wear to charity, like Dress For Success or the local neighborhood drop box. Although I hate to part with about 10 of my American Eagle sweaters that slightly shrunk in the dryer, I think I’ll feel much better putting it to good use for someone else instead of it taking up extra space in my closet.

Remember to reinvent yourself and shop wisely!

Photo: Joe Larese /The Journal News

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