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Rihanna and Chris Brown drama deals with a bigger issue


I am not one for celebrity gossip, but I have been following the never-ending Rihanna and Chris Brown story.

If some of you do not know, R &B singer Chris Brown,20, was arrested for allegedly beating up his girlfriend Singer Rihanna,21, about two weeks ago.

The story is all over the television and newspapers and I can honesty say that on my way to work I hear jokes about the situation on the radio each day.

No matter how exciting this story may be to some, it deals with a much bigger issue: Young abusive relationships.

In high school I had a number of friends whose boyfriend’s would verbally and emotionally abuse them. I remember hearing “Oh he did not hit me that hard” or “I got him angry so that is why he did it.”

Do not get me wrong, it goes both ways. There are situations in which men are abused or both parties are doing the abusing.

So are you in a abusive relationship? Here are ways to find out according a BBC relationship quiz.

1. Does your partner harm you physically in any way? (Hitting, slapping, punching, grabbing, shaking etc)

2. Do they try and control different aspects of your life? (Telling you how to dress, who to associate with, what to say)

3.Do they frequently humiliate you and make you feel unworthy?

4.Do they threaten to harm you?

5. Do they twist the truth to blame you for their actions?

6. Do they demand to know where you are at all times?

7. Do they become jealous when you want to spend time with family and friends?

If so, you may be in a abusive relationship.

We are all adults and we make our own decisions. We have the power to stay or leave situations that may be harmful to us. I am not going to tell anyone what to do with their lives.

However I will say that no one deserves to be treated that way.

Caption: Singer Rihanna was hospitalized the night before the Grammys after she was allegedly beaten up by boyfriend Singer Chris Brown.

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