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20-somethings are the most uninsured.


There are times that we all borrow things from our friends and family. Money, clothes, shoes, etc.

Well, due to lack of health care, people in their 20s are borrowing medicine from others. In an article in The New York Times, it stated that many 20-somethings are without health insurance and have resorted to borrowing medicine from others and self-diagnosing.

The article stated that people in their 20s shun health insurance because their age makes them feel invulnerable and mostly because policies are out of reach.

Young adults are the nation’s largest group of the uninsured. There were 13.2 million (29 percent) of them nationally in 2007 according to the figures from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit research group in New York.

The article also pointed out that many “young invincibles” face the challenge of living in high priced cities on low paying jobs with no benefits.

Read the article.

Caption: Young adults have resorted to borrowing medicine from others due to lack of health insurance (Seth Harrison/The Journal News).

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