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Unblock blocked numbers son!


Sigh, my days of prank calling co-workers with angry ethnic accents might be numbered.

There’s a new service out called TrapCall that will unmask blocked numbers on your phone. The way it works is when you get an incoming call from a blocked number, you can route the call to TrapCall’s servers that decrypt the digital signature assigned to every blocked number.

I think I just got a nerd erection.

Within seconds, you’ll know exactly who is calling you, and the person making the call to you will have no idea.

I signed up for the free version and it worked like a charm. Some of the paid versions (10-25 bucks a month) are even more gangster. You can get TrapCall to transcribe your voicemails (handy if you’re in a meeting and want to read a message someone left for you) and even record your incoming calls!

(Photo by Rory Glaeseman / The Journal News)

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