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Is money straining your relationship? Join the club, or start one


A recent New York Times article profiled a group of 20-something women forced to adjust their carefree lifestyles due to the economic turndown. The informal gathering of Dating a Banker Anonymous is a support group founded last November to help women married or dating financiers who have been laid off, or are extremely stressed out from their work environment!

I’m a firm believer in leaning on my friends when I’m in need, but complaining about not being able to take a luxury vacation or having to cancel my credit cards for shopping, as the article states, is a bit much. I’ll take a step back, as to not knock anybody else’s situation; I guess this is what they are accustomed to. I DO applaud these women for taking a positive step to fellowship with others who feel their pain. Plus getting all dolled up and to meet for Comsos at least once a week doesn’t hurt either.

Now if I could just find a support group for recent grads with school loans, a car note and long to travel the world, I’d be pretty content too.

Photo: Mark Vergari/The Journal News

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